Executive Summary

SchoolDocs is designed to store and deliver information that goes far beyond traditional scanned paper documents. Once digital information is available, one can begin to take advantage of the benefits, for digital information submits itself to comprehensive security and privacy control and is available for other uses. SchoolDocs’ utility goes beyond just managing student records to providing data for the effective operation of the institution.

SchoolDocs simplifies and adds value to the regulatory, licensing, accreditation, and Department of Education compliance processes. It is an essential management tool which allows an institution to anticipate and document each compliance element.

Simply put, SchoolDocs is a document management and tracking solution designed specifically for post secondary educational institutions and is based on the auditing of records and electronic files pertaining to specific compliance requirements. The solution combines a paperless environment for creating online electronic forms and/or scanned document images. It provides a monitoring system for tracking missing documents and other records-based scenarios which comprise a compliance requirement or best practice implementation.

pSchoolDocs also manages internal corporate documents and monitors due dates of required documentation for single or multiple campuses. The notification and accountability identified by upper management via SchoolDocs reporting modules can be initiated at the corporate level and reported to school staff for monitoring and response.

The goal is to ensure that all documents are on file and available for each business process and that the data contained within them is accurate and consistent. Documents must be securely stored and available anytime, anywhere to authorized users.

SchoolDocs is not a student management system; however it integrates well with any current student management system, so that student data, scenarios, and indexes do not need to be redundantly entered into two different systems. This feature offers an institution an assurance that different, conflicting data does not appear in multiple systems. In short, SchoolDocs synchronizes with student data stored in an institution’s student management database and adds value to the overall student information software suite by allowing access to underlying student documents directly from within the student management system.

SchoolDocs creates tremendous value in many different areas of an institution’s operations. Here is a partial list of value-adds and benefits of implementing SchoolDocs:

  • Creates a paperless approach to student enrollments.
  • Integrates with a school’s existing student management system.
  • Tracks missing documents for each student’s master folder based on specific scenarios and requirements related to federal financial aid, accreditation, licensing, and other auditing/compliance organizations.
  • Monitors due dates of internal corporate files required to be maintained at corporate and campus levels.
  • Helps institutions satisfy and document certain criteria related to educational value, administrative capability, and financial responsibility.
  • Creates an IT (Information Technology) & Records Management foundation for expansion and makes it easier to begin operations at new institutes and learning sites, while ensuring compliance of the new sites with existing corporate governance.
  • Helps minimize risk associated with possible audit findings, as well as issues related to monetary fines, penalties, accreditation revocations, and eligibility withdrawal for certain funding/financial aid programs.
  • Complies with records retention policies and requirements related to the lifecycle, disposition, and destruction of student and corporate documents.
  • Helps ensure maintenance and documentation of student privacy requirements.
  • Is scalable to permit increases in the number of students, campuses, or programs.